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There is an auto accident every 10 seconds of every day in America – over 6,000,000 every year. These auto accidents cause over 40,000 deaths and 3,000,000 injuries each year. Some of the auto accidents are caused by momentary mistakes or inattention, some by sleepy drivers, others by overly aggressive driving, still others by intoxicated drivers. A surprising number are caused by defects in the motor vehicle (bad tires or brakes), unclear road markers or signs, or road hazards-some of which may be created by sloppy construction. Many auto accidents are minor and involve more hassle than heartache, but the serious ones create significant problems for the innocent victims. Medical bills, lost wages, disability and physical incapacity, rehabilitation and future health care may seem insurmountable obstacles. Even figuring out the other driver’s insurance company and amount of insurance coverage can be a major problem.

There is a death caused by a auto accidents crash every 12 minutes; there is a disabling injury every 14 seconds. Auto accidents are the leading cause of death for people ages 1 to 33. The age groups most affected by auto accidents are 15-24 and 75+. There were an estimated 5,800 pedestrian deaths and 90,000 injuries. Walking in the roadway accounted for only 9% of all pedestrian deaths and injuries. About 3 in every 10 Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related auto accident at some time in their lives. Bicycling resulted in about 800 deaths in collisions with motor vehicles.

If you or a loved one is involved in an auto accident or car wreck remember some simple do’s and don’ts:


  • Don’t admit fault to an auto accident

  • Don’t give a statement to anyone other than the police about your auto accident

  • Don’t give information other than your Driver License and Insurance Company


  • Do call the police and stay calm

  • Do call for medical assistance

  • Do get other driver’s Driver License information and Insurance Company

DO get witness names & phone numbers

Once you get home, call us for what next to do to best protect your rights.

It is important to know what to do to protect the legal rights of yourself and your loved ones. Selecting the right attorney is an important decision. You should choose someone who is experienced, aggressive and dedicated to working to get fair compensation for your injuries. Over the past we have successfully handled hundreds of auto accident injury cases. That is why you should contact the Pensacola based firm of Kevin Hausfeld, PA. Civil Trial Attorneys.

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